Are you looking to change your kitchen or bathroom countertops?

Actually, There might be no need to replace them. Yeti Labs can repair and refinish your countertops, most of the time in place.

We complete the transformation in just 2-3 days with no demolition and at a fraction of the cost of exotic granite, marble or stone.

We also can create brand new countertops to install into almost any situation.

Epoxy countertops are becoming very popular. Our countertops are scratch and heat resistant, and 100%food safe. They are an alternative to granite, quartz, marble and other exotic counters for a fraction of the price.

Maintaining epoxy countertops is stress-free and easy. It is a non-porous material which has a heat resistance of 500 degrees.

You also won’t need to buy fancy, expensive granite shiners to polish your epoxy coated countertops.

See how Yeti Labs can transform your dated or destroyed kitchen into an artistic statement with custom epoxy countertops!

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